ALOTO: A League of Their Own
Live Your Best Life On Purpose
Dedicated to living boldly, courageously, and unafraid to ask why not, Founder and CEO Eboney Dixon created ALOTO - A League of Their Own. ALOTO seeks to empower people to embrace all that makes them unique. In doing so people become the best and most authentic leaders both professionally and personally.

​Put your team In A League of Their Own and Live Your Best Life On Purpose. We offer leadership and organizational development trainings, empowerment seminars, and personal coaching. 
Design Of The Month
This is my second time attending an ALOTO Leadership Seminar.  Each time I left feeling that I had learned so much to use in my personal and professional life. Eboney was well prepared and extremely familiar with the subject at hand. She has a way of communicating the material to participants with very clear graphics and audio. Questions are answered clearly, with supporting documents.  One of the exercises I enjoyed was team and understanding.

- Maxine A.
President, Gainesville Citizens In Action
Bougie On Purpose
Each month we will feature a new design from our ALOTO product line.
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