ALOTO: A League of Their Own

Empower​ment Seminars

ALOTO strives to empower and inspire individuals to realize their full potential and Live Your Best Life On Purpose.  

These interactive seminars include several activities customized to create an experience that will be impactful. Seminars are stimulating, empowering, fun and motivating, enabling participants to surpass their expectation of what they believe is possible and achieve new levels of success. Empowering individuals to be bold, confident, and courageous while recognizing their self worth is the goal of every ALOTO seminar.  

I'm Priceless 

Where do you find your self worth?  Do you know what your true value is to your friends, family, or the world at large?  Have you ever struggled with your self esteem, self image, or self worth?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then this session is for you?  Learn just how valuable you are!  You were designed to be Priceless and to Live Your Best Life on Purpose!
Has a person or situation in life ever effected how you saw or felt about yourself?  Have you struggled with identifying truly where your happiness and inner joy comes from?  Do you allow others to dictate the level of your self worth?  If you want to learn tools to help you understand your self worth and where it comes from, then this is the session for you!  It's time to know you are worth Living Your Best Life On Purpose!

I'm Worthy

I'm In Control  

Eating disorders!  Unbridled tongue! Inappropriate boundaries! Just a few things we struggle with as we live day to day.  Sometimes self control is one of the hardest lessons to learn, but it is not impossible.  Once learned and exercised, it can be the most freeing moments lessons.  It brings peace, joy, and empowerment to every step we take.  If you want to learn techniques in self control and identify areas of your life can be improved, then this is the session for you!  Self control is one of the first steps in maturity and Living Your Best Life On Purpose!



I thank God for Eboney.  Her teaching style makes it plain and clear. I remember when I first met this anointed sister. I knew there was something special about her. She helped me to realize how priceless I am! Her transparency made it easy for me to be transparent. I pray that God will continue to use her in an awesome way because the world needs to experience her gift! 

Jeanine H.
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Singles Ministry Leader
All services are customizable, depending upon length of service and individual need.  

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