ALOTO: A League of Their Own
​​The Cornerstone
ALOTO believes the most important resource an organization possesses is its people, and those people are valuable.  The world has a habit of putting the proverbial cart before the horse and developing the organization and leadership structure, often forgetting about the personal development of each individual.  Whether that development is personal growth, self-actualization, or spirituality, what matters most is realizing that our goal is to become the best human being possible.  Personal development is not simply a tool to reach a larger goal. ALOTO believes personal development is the most noble and ultimate goal one can aspire to. Success in personal development results in becoming the most authentic leader one can be.  

Leadership development is a process that includes interpersonal relationships, social influence processes, and team dynamics, and can be built on the development of individuals.  Organizational development is the theory and practice that is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of the people to accomplish organizational change and performance. ALOTO finds the intersection of these three areas of growth (personal, leadership, and organizational) and channels it to maximize team effectiveness.    

ALOTO works to identify different personalities through the True Colors method and teach effective self awareness and approaches to communication.  When there is improvement in relationship building, effective communication, and respect, team cohesion is at an optimum.  

These principles are the cornerstone upon which our services and training are built.