ALOTO: A League of Their Own

The Family

Eboney Dixon is the founder of ALOTO, an education and empowerment consulting firm dedicated to helping the people of today Live Your Best Life On Purpose. Since 2005, as a certified corporate trainer and entrepreneur, Eboney believes education coupled with self-awareness, overcoming fears, and embracing change are all steps necessary to reach success and remain authentic. She has a passion for educating and enhancing people's leadership skills in both their personal and professional lives. Eboney's journey began very early on with a love for teaching others to be confident in themselves through embracing all that makes them unique. She truly believes that what makes this world great is when people realize their God-given worth and uniqueness and use them to propel them into living a life worth living. When we embrace our differences and accept the fact that being unique is a good thing, then we can truly grow into the purpose God has for our lives. She is committed to helping all people she encounters become their most authentic self and feel empowered to Live Your Best Life On Purpose!

Eboney earned her Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology from Canisius College and her Masters degree in Public Administration from The University of Central Florida. Eboney is a certified True Colors Facilitator.  

Eboney Dixon
Founder & CEO

Teresa Claxton
Malcolm Keith, Jr.
Crystal Mitchell
Marketing Manager and heads brand, content, and social media.
IT Manager and oversees all things tech.
Financial Manager and supervises contracts and accounting.